Prominent Persons In Fashion Blogging

Fashion is always a source of attraction for women. The age has no concern with fashion. But the trend of fashion blogging is change, as fashion blogging belongs to young people. Their blogs have number f visitors on daily basis which gives the proof that age is no point to measure fashion.

In the Dallas vicinity, a club named trophy club, one regular fashion blogger has announced about her personal page with the name “Sea of Shoes”. She is Jane Aldrige who has started at 16 her own blog about fashion, wish list and style dairy.

Jane complains that her friends don’t get her style and they feel embraced while going out with her. She is not an ordinary girl, like other girls in Texas, her mother was once the star of modeling and she also started her personal business in Tokyo.

She poses some of the outfits which are actually catwalks worthy and young girls wear and make themselves proud. Actually she says Jane’s passion is shoes which she stores on shelves and collect as small prizes. The increasing trend of fashion and style blogs has made and internet hysteria. The proof is 70.000 daily visitors on “Sea of Shoes”

One more personality in fashion world blog is one of the most respected writers in Tavi Gevision. More like Jane, Vogue teens are captured by her via fashion magazines.

Tavi’s blog is style rookie and she get into it at the age of 13. Tavi’s passion with fashion insisted her to do so. Many experts finds on her blog

Fashion world is about clothing and accessories and how they look on the people who wear them. Teen bloggers are giving new directions to teenagers by giving them new ideas to consider.

Wearing things with style is fashion. Be careful while choosing the cloth. They must look nice on you.

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